Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's been far too long

I began this voyage a number of years ago intent on changing a world that does not wish to be changed or saved from the disease that has infested it for the past tow millenia. What is sad is not that this world did not desire to change, but that people like myself became complacent enough to give up on that change anyhow. I predicted long ago that the United States was in serious trouble. In my absence from reporting the ensuing implosion, our economy has been brought to the brink of collapse. What was once hypothesized as impossible happened. We are rapidly becoming a former superpower in the world. We are being supplanted by China and removed to the relative backwaters of our English forebearers. This change did not have to happen this way, and I personally do not gloat over saying "I told you so" to anyone who knows me. Sadly I was right. Sadly, I was among the many who lost almost everything they had ever worked for in their adult lives. Even more sadly, the worse things got, the more the far right wing political factions that caused all of this drama gained in power over the ignorant masses. It turns out that Kevin Philips was right about a lot more than anyone wanted to hear in his book American Theocracy. The Republican Party has now firmly regained control over the House of Representatives and are already hard at work dismantling the health care reform bill and gutting social services. I'd like to pretend that nobody could have predicted this from them, but the fact remains that this is EXACTLY what they said they intended to do...and you, the mentally retarded masses, elected them to do.

It is personally interesting that my journey into internet webblogging began with an interest in political science, which led me to trying to find some sort of sense of meaning by studying philosophy in general, which in turn led me to specifically philosophy of mind and evolutionary psychology. It is even more interesting in some ways that these studies have led me full-circle back to the same place I started from, trying to explain the reason people often act against their own interests if for no other reason than to make sure someone else is not taking more than their fair share. This topic is one that I am personally hoping to find time to explore in greater depth in the near future, since there is much to be said on this particular topic.

I find that as the years go by, I am always hoping for more time to research and write; yet I am constantly disappointed in the reality of the situation. I have seen my life change from having a big slice of that American pie, to clinging to life on a machine and losing everything or so it seemed. Yet, I find that I am more resilient than I once thought I was; and I ham still hopeful that in whatever years I have in my life I manage to make some sort of positive impact on someone's life. I have no delusions of immortality and don't wish for anything similar, but to have a lasting impact on posterity is the one thing we all crave. With this in mind, I am returning to the joyful task of writing. Instead of working this corner of the internet into a tightly woven message about contract theory and a philosophy of right, I am just going to let the cards fall where they may for a while. I am earnestly going to write with more regularity and reflect on current affairs along with some words of curiosity and wisdom about the secret world of our minds and everything in between that strikes my imagination. In a word, I'm just going to blog. Do I have an audience? I once did. I would suppose that with time I will again. only time will tell.